Soup 湯品

    Miso Soup 味噌湯 1.95

    Soy bean soup with bean curd, seaweed & scallions

    Suimono Soup 清湯 1.95

    Clear light broth with mushrooms, seaweed & scallions

    Shiitake Mushroom Soup 冬菇湯 3.95

    Shiitake Mushrooms with onion, garlic & pepper in clear broth

    Dobinmushi Soup 土瓶蒸 6.25

    Steam in tea pot with shrimp, fish, gingko nuts, mushrooms served with lime

    Hamashiru 蛤湯 4.95

    Clam with scallions, mushrooms, ginger in clear broth.

    Tofu & Vegetable Soup 味噌素菜豆腐 3.50

    Soft bean curd & mixed vegetables in soy bean broth

    Ocean Soup 海鮮湯 7.95

    Assorted seafood seaweed & scallions in soy bean broth

    Crabmeat Soup 蟹肉湯 9.95

    Crabmeat, bean curd, mushrooms, egg drop & scallions (served two)

    Assorted Wild Mushroom Soup 野菇湯 7.95

Salad 沙拉

    Iso Awabi 黃金鮑魚子 7.95

    Abalone & seaweed salad

    Chuka Hotate 中華帶子邊 5.95

    Cooked scallop fin marinated in soy ginger, & sesame oil over field green salad

    Chuka Ika 中華魷魚 5.95

    Cooked squid marinated in soy ginger, sesame seeds & vegetables over field green salad

    Hiyashi Wakame 綠海藻 4.95

    Green seaweed salad with sesame seeds

    Hijiki 黑海藻 4.95

    Cooked hijiki seaweed & vegetables

    Avocado Salad 牛油果 4.50

    Mixed greens, avocado, & fish roe w/ our own house dressing

    Field Green Salad 生菜 2.95

    Mixed green with our own house ginger dressing.

    Kani Salad 黃瓜蟹柳 4.25

    Kani (crab sticks), cucumber, mayonnaise, sesame seeds & fish roe.

    Shrimp & Asparagus 蘆筍蝦 5.95

    Asparagus, shrimp & fish roe with our spicy dressing

    Tofu Garden 日式豆腐生菜 3.95

    Mixed green, tofu & our house dressing

    Seafood Salad 海鮮沙拉 8.00

    Assorted seafood, mixed green, avocado, fish roe & our house dressing