"Japanese fare with a spirit of adventure"

Reviewed by John S. Long

November 27, 2002


"The duo is bringing in excellent fish, including fresh white albacore tuna, a melt-in-your-mouth variety of fish I've had before, but never seen in Ohio. They also are serving mackerel sashimi; anyone who knows mackerel knows it has to be impeccably fresh to be served raw or cooked. At Pacific East, it was that fresh. Toro, the hard-to-get bluefin tuna, is also a daily feature on the menu."


"Prices are very reasonable. Cuts of fish are generous, whether served as sushi, sashimi or nigiri. The order of grilled eel was huge compared to others served in town. My bet is, Pacific East will have a much more successful run than its predecessors on the corner of Mayfield and Coventry roads."



"Sushi makes getting a raw deal a delightful prospect"

Reviewed by David Farkas

Friday, September 3, 2004


"The man next to me on my flight to Cleveland was the final straw. He, like other sushi aficionados I know, had high praise for Pacific East, a tiny eatery on Coventry Road. I resolved to go."


"Once placed on hand-rolled rice (nigiri-style), the fish becomes even more tempting. Over the course of several visits, the specials board behind the counter included fatstreaked toro that was rich, sweet and salty at once; uni, or sea urchin, briny, soft and meltingly fresh; live scallops with lemon slices, so delicately flavored that soy sauce was unnecessary."


"Pacific East's long appetizer section is also worth investigating. How many restaurants actually grill squid instead of pan-frying it? This kitchen does, serving the chewy caramel-crisp slices dressed with ginger and teriyaki sauce. Miso-glazing now is practiced everywhere, yet rarely as well as here, where the cod's natural sweetness foils the glaze as opposed to the other way around."


"If you're curious about sake and willing to experiment, you've come to the right spot. The 18-bottle list offers domestic and Japanese sakes ranging in price from $6 to $104. Most bottles contain 14 ounces, enough for two. My recommendation, based on three bottles, is Ozeki, a mild and dry sake that goes well with raw fish and rice dishes."