On the Grilled/Broiler 燒物

    Unagi Kabayaki 烤鰻魚 8.95

    Broiled marinated ell served with pickles.

    Ika Maru 烤全魷魚 8.95

    Grilled squid with grated daikon radish, grated ginger finished with yakitori sauce served w. chili sauce on side

    Hamachi-Kama 烤油甘魚下巴 7.95

    Broiled yellowtail collar with salt & pepper, simply the best lemon wedge on side

    Beef Asparagus Roll 牛肉蘆筍卷 7.95

    Steamed asparagus roll w/ thinly sliced stripe steak, then grilled to pefection, finished w/ teriyaki sauce & sesame seeds

    Komochi Shishamo 烤多春魚 6.95

    Grilled semi dried smelt fish with roe. Enjoy the entire fish from head to tail (4pcs.)

    Nasu-Dengaku 醬烤茄子 4.95

    Broiled eggplant with semi sweet miso sauce

    Dynamite 帆立貝北海燒 8.95

    Broiled scallop, crab sticks, shiitake mushrooms, Japanese mayonnaise finished w/ fish roe, scallions, & sesame seeds. Served on a half shell

    Baked Mussel 烤日式青口 4.95

    New Zealand green mussel baked w/ Japanese mayonnaise finished w/ special sauce, scallions, sesame seeds, & fish roe (5 pcs.)

    Gindara 銀鱈魚西京燒 8.95

    Broiled miso marinated Alaska block cod

    Shioyaki 鹽燒

    Salt broiled fillet

    Salmon 鮭魚 6.95

    Mackerel 鯖魚 7.95

    Hokki Hiraki (Japanese red mackerel) 8.95

    Yakitori 日式串燒

    Brushed w/ yakitori sauce (one skewer per order)

    Chicken Breast 燒雞 2.50

    Jumbo Sea Scallop 帶子 4.50

    Jumbo Shrimp 大蝦 4.50