Chef's Specialties 主菜

Seved w. Rice

    Hainanese Chicken 海南雞飯

    Small)... $8.95 / Large 15.95

    Simmered bone in chicken, rubbed with sesame oil & special soy sauce, served with steaming hot chicken rice & chilli sauce.

    Satay Tofu 沙爹豆腐 9.95

    Fried tofu topped w. satay peanut sauce & cucumber

    Sauteed Okra 蝦醬羊角豆 9.95

    Sauteed okra w. spicy Malaysian shrimp paste sauce (Garlic, Chilli & Dry Shrimp)

    w. Chicken 11.95
    w. Jumbo Shrimp 14.95
    w. Beef 12.95

    Sauteed water Spinach 蝦醬炒空心菜 9.95

    Water spinach w. Malaysian style shrimp paste. Choice of garlic or shrimp paste sauce

    Sauteed Spinach 蒜茸菠菜 9.95

    Sauteed spinach w. minced garlic

    Sauteed Asparagus in XO Sauce ( spicy seafood sauce)... $9.95

    w. Chicken 12.95
    w. Jumbo Shrimp 15.95
    w. Seafood 16.95

    Coconut Butter Jumbo Shrimp 椰子奶香大蝦 16.95

    Spicy Pineapple Jumbo Shrimp 酸辣鳳梨蝦 15.95

    Pineapple, jumbo shrimp, tomato, onion & carrots in spicy sour sauce

    Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶 11.95

    Famous Malaysian dish served w. spare ribs, tofu, mushrooms in flavourful broth of herbs & spices

    Mango Jumbo Shrimp 芒果蝦 14.95

    Jumbo shrimp, jicama, king oyster mushrooms, mango & red pepper in spicy sweet & sour mango sauce, served in half mango shell

    Mango Jumbo Scallop 芒果干貝 16.95

    Sambal Grilled Stingray wrapped with Banana Leaf 蕉葉烤魔鬼魚 15.95

    Spice & herb marinated stingray wrapped in banana leaf, then grilled to perfection

    Mango Vegetables & Tofu 芒果蔬菜豆腐 9.95

    Mango Chicken 芒果雞 11.95

    Sambal Chili Eggplant 參巴醬茄子 9.95

    Eggplants, onions, chili pepper & bell pepper w. spicy Malaysian shrimp paste

    Sambal Jumbo Shrimp 參巴醬大蝦 14.95

    Sauteed jumbo shrimp, onions, chili pepper & bell pepper w. spicy Malaysian shrimp paste

    Sambal Seafood 參巴醬海鮮 15.95


    Rich, flavorful and tender meat, simmered w. exotic spices, lemongrass & coconut milk

    ~ Chicken Rendang 干咖喱雞 12.95

    ~ Beef Rendang 干咖喱牛 14.95

    ~ Lamb Rendang 干咖喱羊 15.95

    Basil Chicken 九層塔炒雞 12.95

    Sliced chicken breast w. mixed vegetables & basil leaf in spicy basil sauce

    Basil Shrimp 九層塔炒蝦 14.95

    Basil Eggplant 九層塔茄子 9.95

    Basil Frog Leg 九層塔田雞腿 16.95

    Mango Pork Chop 芒果豬扒 12.95

    Coconut Butter Jumbo Scallop 椰子奶香干貝 15.95

    Malaysian famous dish! Fried jumbo shrimp sauteed with butter, coconut, crispy egg, curry leaf & evaporated reduction sauce

    Home Made Crispy Duck 香酥鴨

    Half 13.95 / Whole 24.95

    Cumin Lamb 小茴香羊肉 16.95

    Sliced lamb sauteed with vegetables and chili in cumin flavor brown sauce

    Sweet & Sour Pineapple Pork Chop 甜酸鳳梨豬扒 11.95

    Pineapple, onion, green pepper & port chop in sweet & sour sauce

    Sesame Chicken K. L. Style 芝麻雞 10.95

    Malaysian Style Chili Beef 馬式辣牛肉 13.95

    Onions, sliced beef & chili with our special spicy sauce

    Garlic & Spice Crispy Chicken 蒜香脆皮雞

    Half 10.95 / Whole 16.95

    Chili String Beans 辣炒四季豆 9.95