"Sushi Investigation "



"There is something fishy going on at some sushi restaurants around the country.  An INSIDE EDITION hidden camera investigation found that the consumer doesn't always get what they pay for."

"As Americans continue to watch their fat intake, more and more hungry customers are flocking to Japanese restaurants for sushi.  But good sushi can be very expensive, and as INSIDE EDITION found the fish in the sushi customers pay for isn't always the fish that is ultimately served."

"INSIDE EDITION took our hidden cameras to sushi restaurants in Cincinnati, Cleveland and New York City in search of Japanese red snapper, a delicacy and prized fish among sushi lovers, which costs restaurants as much as $30 dollars a pound."
"At 14 different sushi restaurants INSIDE EDITION purchased red snapper and had samples of the fish's DNA analyzed by Therion International, an independent laboratory."

"Will Gergitz, who runs Therion, says the results revealed most of the snapper samples weren't snapper at all.  "The majority of samples are actually tilapia," Gergitz says.
Incredibly, DNA tests proved that 9 of the 14 restaurants INSIDE EDITION visited actually served tilapia, a cheap fish that can cost as little as $2 to $3 dollars a pound. Two other restaurants served another less expensive fish called white bass.  Only three restaurants correctly gave our Investigative team what was ordered: Japanese red snapper."


In total, INSIDE EDITION found 11 restaurants to be serving fish that was not red snapper, including:
- Beluga, 3520 Edwards Road, Cincinnati, OH
- Benihana, 126 East 6th Street, Cincinnati, OH
- Dancing Wasabi, 1018 Delta Ave, Cincinnati, OH
- Kyoto Japanese Cuisine, 12082 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH
- Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, 11481 Chester Road, Cincinnati, OH
- Ginza Sushi and Steak House, 1105 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, OH
- Sushi Rock Cafe, 1276 W. Sixth  Street, Cleveland, OH
- Sakura Japanese Restaurant, 15400 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH

- Akane Sushi, 216 East 39th Street, New York, NY  (response below)
- East 53rd Teriyaki, 220 East 53rd Street, New York, NY (response below)
- Tanaka Sushi, 222 East 51st Street, New York, NY (response above)


According to the tests, INSIDE EDITION was served red snapper as ordered at the following restaurants:
- Megu, 62 Thomas Street, New York, NY
- Nobu, 105 Hudson Street, New York, NY
- Pacific East, 1763 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights, OH