Ten Reasons to Make Our Sushi the Best!

    We use only super premium short grain rice.

    Not long grain or medium grain rice.

    We use only pure rice vinegar which imported from Japan.

    We use quality blue fin tuna or toro (fatty tuna).

    Not yellow fin tuna, ahi tuna or frozen tuna.

    We use only gold & silver grade nori (seaweed).

    We use only natural white pickle ginger.

    Not artificial pink color.

    We use top grade wasabi to served our sushi.

    We carry the most sushi item than any other restaurant in Northeast Ohio.

    Was reviewed by Plain Dealer / Northern Ohio Live Magazine / Scene Magazine & Sun Newspaper.

    We don't premake sushi.

    Good food takes time to prepare. Expect some wait time when we are busy.

    We don't use over night rice.